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  1. Advice
    There's some nasty stuff out there...not all virus or malware programs are created equal. So as you will never have to experience a successful attack on your data, We can find the combination of software to protect your particular situation, and give you a backup option to keep your data safe.
  2. On-site Help
    If your computer is unresponsive, frozen, or you suspect a network related problem, there's no need to worry. Computers are pretty stupid animals, and a prod in the right spot works wonders ! Knowing where to prod...that's the trick. Don't try to fix it alone, if you have internet access, try the solutions on our links page. If not call us: 314-308-1458.
  3. Maintenance
    Hard drives eventually die....sorry! Adding a mirror drive or storing your data off site is a wise decision. Backups are a fact of life. Adding an addition drive locally or on your network will give you peace of mind. We can also provide you with the latest technology to update your existing system to maintain fast access to all your data.
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